Turner Schools

Turner's commitment to our pupils, families and schools

Working effectively in socially and economically challenging areas and having an unflinching focus on improving outcomes for the pupils we serve.

Working transparently and closely with families as joint partners, providing support so that our children are successful.

Expecting our academies to contribute strongly to their communities and society in general. Creating young citizens who can increasingly change society, including their community, for the better.

Our Ambition

Better outcomes for more children in challenging communities in the South East.

A broader range of schools so that we can support as many children as possible.

Stronger connections with employers, higher education and community organisations.


Our Leadership Development

At Turner Schools, we believe that by empowering leaders at all levels, we will create great schools.

In order to achieve this, we support all staff to realise their leadership potential through providing high quality Leadership Development opportunities.


Our School Improvement

To support school improvement,  we have two teams of expert leaders who co-ordinate our secondary and primary school improvement. 

The primary team is made up of experts in SEND,  in curriculum development and in leadership support.  

The secondary phase team is led by trust senior leaders and includes Lead Practitioners in English, mathematics, creative arts, vocational education and modern foreign languages.


Our Schools

Central Services Team

Our central team provides excellent support to our schools allowing them to focus on delivering a great education. We ensure that all our schools have access to well developed corporate services. Our corporate leads provide brilliant advice and bespoke support to school leaders and their teams.