Get into Teaching

Turner Schools is passionate about growing our talent and supporting those who wish to enter into the teaching profession. We have a dedicated team within the Trust who are ready to support trainee teachers across all our schools every step of the way to ensure they have the support they need to become a successful teacher.

What we can offer as a Trust:

We employ designated ITT coordinators who are given the time and resources to support our trainee teachers across our schools.

We ensure that trainee's timetables are appropriate for our trainees and are adapted to meet their training needs.

We provide access to experienced subject leads and specialist mentors to provide individual support to our trainees, including weekly meetings to support our trainee's development.

We offer a bespoke training and coaching programme that adapts to the individual needs of our trainees.

Our training is research-informed and draws on the expertise of world-renowned specialists and researchers.

We offer a vast range of resources, both online and in our CPD libraries, which is fully accessible to our trainees.

We provide weekly training that covers all aspects of the teaching role, drawing on specialists from across the Trust to ensure that training is led by our experts in each area.

Cross-Trust networking and support - all trainees have access to a network of other trainee teachers across the Trust, with the opportunity for regular contact through group CPD sessions.

Our trainees are also encouraged to complete external CPD, attend conferences, and complete qualifications, such as those offered by Evidence Based Education. These courses are paid for by Turner Schools as part of our investment in our trainee teachers.

Early Careers (ECTs) and Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) at Turner Schools

Our ECTs and NQTs are provided with all of the CPD opportunities, training and support that we offer our trainees, at a level appropriate for their career stage. Like our trainees, NQTs and ECTs have a dedicated mentor and training team to support them throughout their time at Turner Schools, as well as a reduced timetable to give them the time to develop their practice and learn from others.