Challenge and Community BOARDS

The role of the Challenge and Community Boards (CCB) is to carry the Trust’s vision, values, policies and priorities forward, provide internal assurance and develop community links. 

The CCB is made up of governors who question, challenge and support the school’s leadership.


Governors are part of the leadership of the school. It is their role to:


●        be the Trust’s local point of consultation and review on matters such as policy, vision and strategy

●        represent the view of the school and stakeholders to the trust

●        be advocates for pupils and parents

●        monitor progress of key groups

●        monitor key policies, such as safeguarding, for their effectiveness

●        carry out panel work when required


Reports to board of Trustees through approved minutes and feedback.


Where incoming schools require significant improvement, trustees may establish an Interim Academy Board to secure rapid improvement and fulfil the role of the Challenge and Community Board. 

They will be governed by Terms of Reference which will support the individual needs of the school.