Turner Schools has just turned six. The difficult early years of starting out, setting up systems from scratch and appointing leaders are now behind us. The initial vision to bring about sea change in the educational provision in Folkestone has now been well established. Standards have risen over the last three years across our academies and currently five of the academies are officially graded as ‘good’  or better with one that is awaiting inspection following joining the trust.  We have worked with leaders, trustees, members and governors to reset our priorities for the next year following the pandemic.  These are set out below and include our vision of where we want to be in 2024 and the roadmap of how we will get there. We have also set out the values we expect of all of our staff to demonstrate to help us achieve our goals.

Seamus Murphy CEO September 2023.

Our Ambition.

Better outcomes for more children in challenging communities in the South East.

By 2023 we want to serve over 5000 pupils, based in the southeast region and predominantly located in Kent. The trust will aim to serve communities that have significant challenges, but not be restricted to coastal areas.

A broader range of schools so that we can support as many children as possible.

By 2023 we will have a balanced mix of primary and secondary schools, with up to 15 schools across the trust, including alternative and Post 16 provision.

Stronger connections with employers, higher education and community organisations.

By 2023 we will eliminate the number of children who leave school with no qualifications increasing their opportunities to gain high quality employment. We will work closely with national education partners, such as local universities and have strong links to regional and local employers. We will be in partnership with a variety of non profit organisations, including but not limited to the creative sector.

Turner Values.

Turner staff will ‘Walk the Turner Talk

They will:

The Trust we want to be.

Trust Strategic Plan


The Trust has created a strong governance model that has a credible and highly skilled trust board. These include a well respected educational leader as chair: a former national leader of education, leaders from higher education institutions and experts from a diverse range of industries. The board is well supported by local governing bodies, known as challenge and community boards. The local boards have significant representation from parents and the community and hold both the trust executive and leaders effectively to account.

School improvement

The Trust gives the highest priority to school improvement and has created a well respected central trust team that oversees all aspects such as HR, finance, governance, general administration as well as specialist experts in improving teaching and learning and leadership and management.

Shared vision for the Future

Leaders across the Trust have collaborated to create a shared vision for the next period of growth. They have also reflected on our mission and whether ‘sea change’ is still relevant. The following vision document and mission statement sets out where Turner Schools may be in 3-5 years time.

Turner School Priorities (click to expand)

TS priorities for website.pdf

Rationale for Key Priorities (click to expand)

TS priorities for website_rationale.pdf