How to Apply


Once you have found a role you would like to apply for, please complete the online application via the Kent Teach website or by clicking on the link below and completing the Turner Schools application form. Our HR team are on hand to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have and can be contacted at

Completed application forms should be sent by email to:

Application Form:

  • We require all candidates wishing to apply for any position at Turner Schools whether this be a teaching or support post, to complete an application form.

  • The application form must be completed in full, including:

  • Full education and/or employment history from the age of 16, with any gaps explained.

  • Contact details for two referees, one of which must be from the candidate’s most recent employer, and one of which must be from the most recent time the candidate worked with children (if applicable).

Pre-interview references

  • For teaching posts pre-interview references are required. Please indicate on the form whether a referee may or may not be contacted prior to interview, and be prepared to offer an alternative contact if required.

Vetting Checks:

Candidates who are successful at interview will receive a conditional offer of employment, subject to satisfactory, thorough recruitment checks, including meeting the following conditions as outlined below:


Receipt of two references, which we consider satisfactory, from former employers; one of which must be from your current employer and/or your most recent employment working with children. Other suitable referees may be acceptable if you cannot fulfil this requirement. Friends and relatives are not acceptable.

Pre-Employment Health Check

A pre-employment health check will be undertaken. A health questionnaire must be completed prior to you commencing work with us. This requirement may be waived where medical fitness for employment has recently been established.


You will be required to show your original certificates, verifying your qualifications (including Qualified Teacher Status [QTS], and evidence of successful completion of a statutory induction period, where appropriate)

Barred List and DBS Check

In accordance with the requirements of the Home Office, the appointment is subject to an enhanced check for regulated activity by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

A check will be undertaken to ensure that you are not barred from working with children, in addition to an Enhanced DBS check. Your post is exempt under the Exceptions order to the Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974. You are required to disclose details of all cautions, convictions, bind over orders and warnings even if they are spent, except for those listed as protected cautions and convictions, Please refer to the DBS website,, for more information, If you have failed to make any relevant disclosure of have included false misleading information therein, you will be liable to dismissal.

Overseas Checks

Individuals who have lived overseas for a period of 6 months or more in the last 5 years will be required to provide a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ (or equivalent) for the time spent outside of the UK in order to comply with industry specific regulations, Department For Education & Ofsted.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining a certificate of good conduct.


You are required to complete a Turner Schools Disqualification and Disqualification by Association Declaration Form in accordance with the provisions of the Childcare Act 2006 and The Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009. Any employee who works in an Early and/or Later Years setting with children who have not attained the age of eight are required to disclose relevant information about other people who live or work in their same household. If your post involves working with children under the age of eight, you must make a disclosure in accordance with the Childcare (Disqualification) Regulations 2009. Failure to disclose such information may result in disciplinary action, which could lead to the termination of your employment.

Prohibition Check

In accordance with the requirements of The School Staffing (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013, this appointment is subject to check with the Department for Education to ensure that you are not subject to a prohibition order or an interim prohibition order. If this check shows that you are prohibited from this employment, the offer of employment will be withdrawn.

Section 128 Check

For those engaged in management roles, an additional check is required to ensure they are not prohibited under section 128 provisions. Section 128 Check of the Education and Skills Act 2008 provides for the Secretary of State to direct that a person may be prohibited or restricted from participating in the management of independent educational institutions (which includes academies and free schools), in England and/or Wales respectively. An individual who is prohibited is unable to undertake a management position in an independent school, academy or free school as an employee; a trustee of an academy of free school trust; a governor of member of a proprietor body for an independent school; or a governor on any governing body in an independent school, academy or free school, that retains or has been delegated any management responsibilities. If this check shows that you are prohibited from any such positions above, the offer of employment will be withdrawn.

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act and Right to Work in the UK

You are required to provide to the Trust the relevant documentation to warrant that you are entitled to work in the UK (in accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006).

You must show us your current passport (which we will then copy and return to you). If you do not hold a British passport, a passport from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA), or an endorsed passport from a non-EEA country which gives you the right to work in the UK, then we will need to see one or more additional documents. You will also be required to provide an official document for proof of your National Insurance number, issued by a Government agency or previous employer.