Morehall Primary School

Consultation of the Lowering of Pupil Age Range from 4-11 to 2-11

Turner Schools is undertaking a consultation to seek the views of the stakeholders of Morehall Primary about lowering the pupil age range of the school to include 2 year olds. This will provide Morehall Nursery with the option to open a teacher led nursery provision from 1 September 2021.

By stakeholders, Turner Schools is referring to the parents, students, local schools, nurseries, and service providers including the Local Authority of the Morehall Primary.

The nursery would have their own schools admissions policies, and be included in the Morehall Primary Ofsted inspections.

Subject to the feedback from the consultation, and pending approval from the Department for Education, we would anticipate the change to take effect from the beginning of September 2021.


Morehall Primary is a non-selective, one form entry primary school with capacity for 210 children, which caters for boys and girls of all abilities from ages 4-11. The school joined Turner Schools multi-academy trust on 1 January 2017 and has since received an OFSTED, ‘Good’ rating in October 2019.

Following the closure in March 2020 of a privately run nursery called the Morehall Pre School, Morehall Primary would like to open a replacement teacher led nursery provision for up to 20 places. The nursery provision will be mirrored on the oversubscribed Folkestone Primary Kindergarten within the Turner Schools family.

The nursery will operate from an independent classroom within the school which is leased by Kent County Council. There will be separate entry access points, a separate outside play area and integral classroom washroom/toilets facilities.

The school already operates a before and after-school club every day and it offers wraparound care for pupils who attend the school, the nursery will run within these hours to complement the school's existing activities.

Rationale for the change

  • Improvement on the quality of learning at nursery level within the local area by providing a Qualified Teacher Status nursery provision which will benefit all receiving local primary schools.

  • An all through nursery / primary school where excellence in the school teaching methods can be built on from 2 years old which would better prepare pupils transitioning directly into year R at all Turner School.

  • The introduction of a new nursery to the local community with generous wrap around hours will better cater for the increased flexibility required from working families and families with other commitments.

  • Morehall Primary maintains control of the activities within the school to ensure robust safeguarding controls.

What will change?

With the advantages of a teacher led nursery provision outlined above, it is important to state that some things will not change.

From a pupil’s or parent’s perspective, there will be:

  • No material change to the admissions criteria to the Primary school.

  • No change to the Published Admissions Number (PAN).

  • No change to the curriculum of the school, caused by the nursery.

  • No change to leadership, i.e. Miss Am’e Moris will remain Head teacher of Morehall Primary

  • Staff will continue to be employed by Turner Schools as they are now.

  • No change to school hours or term times.

  • No change to uniforms

The things that will change are:

  • The primary school pupils will not have access to the proposed nursery classroom, washroom/toilet facilities, or outside area.

  • The nursery will require its own admission policies.

  • School signage will be updated to reflect the on site nursery provision.

To be clear, both the school and the nursery will continue as part of the Turner Schools Multi-Academy Trust, benefitting from its ambitious educational ethos, and from cost effective central services.


We wish to invite interested parties to take part in this consultation on the proposal. The consultation will take place for a minimum of 6 weeks between Wednesday 16 December 2020 and Tuesday 26 January 2021.

There are two elements to the consultation. The first, about the proposal to lower the age range of pupils to allow a nursery provision to be run on site. The second, on the resulting new nursery admissions policies that would result. These policies can be viewed below:

We will consult with the parents and other stakeholders for Morehall Primary including:

    • parents and carers of children between the ages of two and nineteen;

    • other persons in the relevant area who, in the Trust’s opinion, have an interest in the proposed change;

    • all admission authorities within the relevant area;

    • feeder schools to the academy; and

    • partner organisations to the academy.

Your views on any aspect of the proposal will be sent to the Turner Schools Board of Trustees. All responses received by the end of the consultation period will be carefully considered and will form part of a Business Case submitted to the Department for Education for final decision.

We invite you, therefore, to take part in this consultation. Comments may be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email to:

  • By completing an online response form at:

  • In writing via post: Mr David Bowles, Director of Finance and Operations, Morehall Primary, Chart Road, Folkestone. CT19 4PN