Creative Arts Admission scheme

Consultation of the Introduction of a Creative Arts Admission Scheme at Folkestone Academy

Turner Schools is undertaking a consultation to seek the views of the stakeholders of Folkestone Academy about:

  • Introduce a new creative arts admissions scheme for up to 10% of agreed year 7 admissions numbers. 50% of pupils selected will be from disadvantaged backgrounds for which free school meals, or pupil premium will be the eligibility criteria.

By stakeholders, Turner Schools is referring to the parents, students, feeder schools and nurseries, and service providers including the Local Authority of the Folkestone Academy.

Subject to the feedback from the consultation, and pending approval from the Department for Education, we would anticipate the change to take effect from September 2022.


Folkestone is a non-selective school which caters for boys and girls of all abilities from ages 11-19. In September 2020 the academy was de-amalgamated from its previous Folkestone All Age Academy structure which included a nursery and primary phase. The Folkestone is currently structured as follows:

  • A secondary phase for children aged 11 to 16 - current PAN 270 per year (210 PAN request in process)

  • A sixth form for young people aged 16 to 19 - current PAN 200 per year

The Academy has a total capacity for 1,750 children and young people.

The Academy is proposing to introduce a year 7 Creative Arts scholarship programme for pupils with musical, artistic or acting talent. The proposal will be to select up to 10% of Year 7 admissions for the scholarship which will promote their talent and cultural capital through associated activities.

It will also be the role of scholarship pupils to act as creative ambassadors for year groups leading a ‘cultural exposure’ programme through tutor time presentations and performances/exhibitions of their work.

Rationale for the change

  • The academy would develop a core of talent that would support higher quality music, drama and dance performances.

  • The programme would develop the academy’s unique selling point as a school, which embraces all the talents and not just academic success.

  • The academy would develop a broader and more balanced curriculum, including into Post 16 provision.

  • More pupils will take part in performances and exhibitions therefore developing confidence and gaining a sense of success.

  • Pupils at the academy will develop greater cultural capital as well as heightened aspirations of where their lives could lead them.

What will change?

With the reduction of published admission numbers to 210, it is important to state that some things will not change. From a pupil’s or parent’s perspective, there will be:

  • No change to leadership, i.e. Mr Steven Shaw will remain Head teacher of Folkestone Academy.

  • No change to school hours or term times.

  • Average form class sizes will not change and will remain at 30.

  • Folkestone Academy will continue as part of the Turner Schools Multi-Academy Trust, benefitting from its ambitious educational ethos, and from cost effective central services.

The things that will change are:

  • The creative arts curriculum of the school will be enhanced to support the scheme.

  • Extra funding will be targeted towards the creative arts.

  • The Academy admissions criteria - link below:


We wish to invite interested parties to take part in this consultation on the proposal. The consultation will take place for a minimum of 6 weeks between Wednesday, 16 December 2020 and Tuesday, 26 January 2021.

There is one element to the consultation, the introduction of a Creative Arts aptitude admissions scheme at Folkestone Academy.

We will consult with the parents and other stakeholders for Folkestone Academy including:

    • parents and carers of children between the ages of two and nineteen;

    • other persons in the relevant area who, in the Trust’s opinion, have an interest in the proposed change;

    • all admission authorities within the relevant area;

    • feeder schools to the academy; and

    • partner organisations to the academy.

Your views on any aspect of the proposal will be sent to the Turner Schools Board of Trustees. All responses received by the end of the consultation period will be carefully considered and will form part of a Business Case submitted to the Department for Education for final decision.

We invite you, therefore, to take part in this consultation. Comments may be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email to:

  • By completing an online response form at:

  • In writing via post: Mr David Bowles, Director of Finance and Operations, Folkestone Academy, Academy Lane, Folkestone. CT19 5FP.