The Turner Academy - A True Education

An ambitious, inclusive new secondary school for Folkestone

About the school:

  • Turner Schools is proposing to open the new secondary school that Folkestone needs.

  • The Turner Academy would be for children aged 11 to 18. It would be located on Surrenden Road, where Pent Valley is closing down.

  • The Turner Academy would open for Year 7 pupils in September 2018.

  • The school plans to be a small secondary school with 120 pupils per year. It will be fully comprehensive.

  • The Turner Academy will deliver an academic curriculum to all pupils regardless of background and ability.

  • We plan to teach everyone a modern foreign language (MFL), well enough that it will help at university or in employment.
    At Key Stage 3 all children will study a broad and balanced curriculum, learning a core body of knowledge in English, Maths, Humanities, Arts, Science and Sport. Everyone will learn the joy of reading, and to become enthusiastic and committed learners. In this way we expect everyone will achieve between 8 and 10 academic GCSEs, and that many will stay with us to study for A’Levels in the 6th Form.

  • As pupils progress through the school we will introduce them to the world of work, including apprenticeships, and to university opportunities.

Our true education vision:

At Turner Schools we believe that education has the power to transform lives, and so communities.

The concept of True Education encompasses the idea that at school young people become knowledgable and skilled; they learn about the world, how to think, and will do well in exams as a result. At the same time the true education that Dr King envisaged has moral purpose, modelling good decision making and habits. In this way it contributes to society.

As Dr Martin Luther King put it:

intelligence plus character
- that is the goal of true education.

The School's Four Pillars:

Our 'true education' vision will be delivered by planning our activities around four pillars. These are:

1. EBacc for all
We believe that the subject knowledge and skills which must be mastered to achieve the EBacc measure are the right for all pupils, and we intend to get everyone there.
2. Climbing the mountain to university or professional employment
The Turner is already developing relationships with universities, and partnerships with the major local employers seeking literate, numerate young staff with good character and modern language skills.
3. An additional working language beyond standard English
To enable communication in more situations, to meet the needs of local employers, as well as to support EBacc achievement - for which a Modern Foreign Language is required.
4. Developing citizens
To achieve young people that the community can be proud of, and who want to make Folkestone an even better place to live, by teaching the modern British values of toleration, respect for the rule of Law, service, and and that hard-work pays off.

Our goal is to help young people succeed in education and in life.

Pillars to pedagogy:

Our pillars translate in to pedagogy and school practice as the ‘HEART’ model. HEART gives stakeholders, staff, pupils and parents a common language.

It represents High expectations, Engagement, Academic subject-based curriculum, Reading for all, and Trust underpinning interactions and relationships. In addition, consistent with our plan to educate local children from Reception to Year 13, the HEART model functions across primary and secondary phases, enabling cross-phase co-observation and confident peer-review.

By translating our social justice vision into planning pillars and pedagogy/practice we are heeding Dr King’s advice that true education must be functional as well as moral.

Expression of interest:

We are currently collecting expressions of interest from parents of children in Year 5 and Year 4 of primary school in order to measure support for this school, which would open in September 2018.

If you would consider sending your child(ren) to this school please register your interest using the form below:

Please note: Completing this form and registering interest does not commit you to anything. You will still be free to choose whichever school is right for your child(ren) when the time comes.

We will not share this data with anyone, apart from the Department for Education as part of our application for the new school.

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Finding out more:

If you fill in the form or register interest online we will share updates about our school plan with you.

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